Bishop Estate Wine Notes

Just to get you a little excited, we have planted and hope to harvest for you in the next few years, Cabernet Fran, Reisling, LaCrescent and Marquette.
We hope to enhance our selections with juices and grapes from local wineries, and we also hope to add some new varieties to our selections.

A note on Marquette.

Double A Vineyards claims:
Marquette is rapidly becoming the most popular northern red grape variety. Typically maturing with high sugar content and moderate acidity, Marquette can produce complex wines with attractive ruby color and pronounced tannins, often with notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice.

Barbara Trigg /Wine in

All in all, a panel of tasters was delighted with the wines. They evolved quickly in the glass, revealing nuances over the two-hour tasting. In general, the panel found deep ruby-colored wines, light but firm tannins, balancing acidity, lots of fruit, in a light- to medium-bodied wine. There were certainly differences in the wines, perhaps regional characteristics but also winemaking styles. One panelist called Marquette a “winemakers wine,” one where the winemaker can greatly influence the final wine depending on how the wine is treated in the cellar. Marquette is a liquid canvas that allows for all different expressions.

Regardless of the differences, the panelists agreed that these would be delightful food wines that could stand in for pinot noir at most meals. While the wines may have similarities to pinot and merlot, they still retain their own distinctive personality, a mix of rustic adventure and refined style. Marquette definitely lives up to its hype and should find its way into wine stores around the country as more growers and consumers start clamoring for it.