Did you know our winery was once was a Dairy Farm? Well, we had a hard time saying goodbye to our lovely cows to start our winery, so we found the perfect fit to add to our family, Clover! Clover is the talk of the town, we even sometimes get calls about one of our cows being loose! If you still don’t know who we are talking about, Clover is the cute girl who moves around the property from time to time and our beloved mascot. Although Clover isn’t a real cow, she still loves spending time in the vineyard and looking over the property for us. If you haven’t noticed Clover, she is hard to miss and sometimes is even dressed up for the Holidays! While there is no rhyme or reason for Clover’s movements, it’s always fun to see where she has gotten too. She loves the little kids (and big kids) taking pictures with her, as she thinks she is VERY photogenic. Stop in and enjoy a glass of wine with Clover, her favorite is the Tipsy Cow Sweet Riesling, which can’t be a coincidence. Our Sweet Riesling is a fun and fruity white wine that pairs best with pork or chicken (no wonder Clover likes to promote this one!) Keep an eye out for Clover, you never know where she will end up, especially after a few glasses of Tipsy Cow! Clover and the rest of the Bishop family can’t wait to meet you and kick back a glass together.

Clover herself posing for a picture! Have you seen her wandering around the property?

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  1. Caitlin McKay

    My three year old daughter and I LOVE Clover. We drive by every day and I can’t wait to tell my daughter she has a name!

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