Bishop Estate Croc My World makes a great sangria

Serving a Christmas Sangria made with Bishop Estate’s Croc my world (or Initiative Marquette if you like it dryer)  is an easy and festive way to provide a delicious beverage that will please most of your guests.  Serve this pretty beverage in a decorative clear glass pitcher or dispenser so you can see the beautiful color and all the fruit.

Start with:

2  Bottles of Bishop Estate Croc My World  Sweet Red Blend (or Initiative Marquette) and add

1  Bottle of 16.9 oz Sprite (or club soda if you prefer less sweet),

2  Juicy Juice Orange Tangerine,

2  small bottles of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice.

1 large can lime juice concentrate

Then add the pretty fruit such as:

2  cups washed whole cranberries,

1  orange sliced,

1  lime sliced,

1 green apple sliced, (do not peel, the green skin is what we need for the green and red Christmas colors that make the drink Christmasy!

Use Bishop Estate Croc My World Sweet Red blend for the best Christmas Sangria

Mix all ingredients together and chill for a couple of hours or overnite.

If you want to keep you Sangria colder longer, take a cup or two out and put in into smaller tupperware containers with a little of the fruit in it and freeze overnite.  Release the ice from the containers carefully so you don’t break your glass container and then pour the chilled Bishop Estate Christmas Sangria over the ice.  The ice will then melt and keep your beverage chilled without diluting it.   Enjoy!

Serve cold in a wine glass. Makes 8 Servings.


Purchase Sangria Wine Baskets at Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery for gifts. Basket includes 2 Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery Croc My World Wine, and one container of Sprite, Cranberry Juice and Juicy Juicy Tangerine beverage.  Enough to make one batch of Sangria, no fruit included, all bundled up beautifully to make a great gift for that Sangria Lovin Friend!






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