It’s the most wonderful time of year, but that also means… SO MANY presents for the ones we love! It can be so stressful finding the perfect gift for someone, and don’t even get us started on gifts for our co-workers, headache! In our family, we rarely worry about what to get for each other, why? Well, it’s a family secret, but we will share it with you guys. When in doubt the answer is always wine! So this year we are making it easy for you, we have ready-made wine baskets for your every need.  From a Riesling lover basket to a dry red lover, and even your sister, who is an “in between dry and sweet” drinker.
I know what your thinking, “I’m on a budget, I can’t be spending hundreds of dollars on wine baskets”, the good news is, you don’t have to! We have baskets starting at $15 and up! And for your grandma who has everything under the sun? Order her a custom basket with her favorite Bishop wine and some chocolate covered Oreos and pretzels, yum! However you like your wine, we have a basket just right for you! There won’t be any “wine-ing” about this shopping trip.
So stop into Bishops, taste a few wines, and order a few baskets! Christmas shopping WIN!!!     Thoughts from Mollie Kate Clayton, blogger and wine server at Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery.

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