Welcome Skip & Chickie who will be performing here this weekend, Saturday 4 to 8 pm.

Skip and Chickie are so much fun! Stop in at the winery and chill while sipping your wine and listen to them perform! Skip, a guy from Philadelphia meets a girl from Brooklyn, Chickie, they like playing music together and perform in the tri-county area doing classic and new rock, blues and country on vocals, guitar, and keys. They play family-friendly music and have a diverse repertoire and they connect well with audiences.

No cover charge.

Bishop Estate is also doing Chocolate and Wine Pairing this month, 6 wines and 6 Chocolates, there is our fabulous BlueBishop hybrid beer-wine on tap to try, and other local beer, fire pits, and cozy warm places to hang out inside. Cheese and crackers available but feel free to bring your own snacks or order from Locals Deli or Dominicks, they will both deliver to the winery, menus on site! No outside alcohol permitted.

In addition to our menu we will have warm Applenoonie, Winter Sangria, and Merlot Hot Chocolate.

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