ODA Shiraz

First of all, why the name? ODA, a fun little name all because my son Austin is not in love with dry wine, so when he tasted a fabulous dry wine we were sampling he exclaimed, “oh that tastes like Old Donkey A–!”, yep, he did. Well needless to say, he was totally embarrassed to learn a neighbor made it who was tasting there with us, it was actually a really wonderful wine, just not his taste.
As it goes, we don’t all love the same wines, and some are too dry or too sweet, depending on your taste. So, we made a wine that was more his speed, Our Dear Austin’s wine, ODA, we named it for that moment of exclamation, and since it is Austin’s birthday this month, we selected this wine for this month’s feature.
Bishop Estate ODA Shiraz is a really exceptional red wine. It is a Shiraz that is a semi-sweet, light bodied, smooth, flavorful and has notes of plum and slight fruitiness. Yes, it has some sweetness to it, but for most of us, it is delicious, and I love it when I am craving a little sweetness and something that is really easy drinking (I am a dry red wine drinker).
We here at Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery think this wine goes with anything! We call it our BYOB wine, because it doesn’t matter who you are dining with or what you are having, this wine will please most anyone and any pairing, from pizza to Italian food, Mexican fare and hamburgers, and even peanut butter and jelly! It will be a good choice regardless.
So, come on in and try a sample, it is an all-around winner!
it’s the best, what can I say.
Sip a bit, and sip some more,
gets you in the mood for sure!
Sip with friends, with burgers and fries,
steaks and pizza and even pies.
Sitting around you’ll love to sip it,
just don’t be late or you will miss it!

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