So excited to have Jamie Stem here this Saturday 4 to 8!  Jamie is a local Doylestown acoustic act and a lead singer of national recording act Sinch.  A fun and talented musician, you can get a taste of his music here as you listen to his traditional rendition of Hallelujah:Hallelujah or, if you ask him, maybe he will sing his Eagles rendition of Hallelujah where he changed the lyrics and came up with a pretty awesome little ditty dedicated to our Eagle’s Super Bowl win, which never gets old here!  He plays classic rock, pop and many crowd pleasing tunes. Come on out and see what he has in store for us this weekend!

We will have our fire pits out, and our bond fire lit, but we also have our heated cozy shabby chic shack garages with our new mood lighting, which is such a unpretentious place to relax and hang out while you sip some wine (or beer) and listen to good music.

Our wines are ready to taste, 6 wines for $6.00.  With Pizza, or take out may I suggest for those who like a dry white, we have a nice un-oaked Stalemate Chardonnay, stainless steel style, crisp and clean with a very desirable nose and Chardonnay flavor. Or try the Initiative Marquette, a slight twist on its parent lineage the Pinot Noir grape, this wine is a light, complex, dry, with notes of leather, pepper and spice. This interesting intriguing flavor combo of the Initiative Marquette will not leave you bored but will elevate your pizza or Italian fare to that taste bud excitement that us dry  red wine lovers long for!  Maybe you like your wine a little sweeter? Sip the Persuader La Crescent a Muscato style white or the ODA Shiraz, a wonderful and easy drinking full bodied red with a touch of sweetness that is very complimentary to everything you eat.

We also have three beer on tap from Sage Alley Brewery, Moss Hill Brewery and Ten-7 Brewery. Menus on site for delivery here to winery from Local’s Deli or Dominck’s Pizzaria, or bring your own munchies or take outs.

No outside alcohol allowed.

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