Joe will be playing at Bishop Estate on Friday from 6 to 9. Joe Triglia has been playing guitar since the age of 5, and singing since before that. He grew up with AM radio, listening to country and western, standards, show tunes, R&B, pop, rock ’n’ roll, rockabilly, etc.  His first band was in grammar school, first gigging band in high school, and went full time upon graduating.

He settled into part time music for many years, playing solo and with different bands in numerous clubs and concert venues throughout the tri-state area, as well as private affairs and recording sessions. At length he abandoned the corporate world and took up private instruction full time, continuing to work the wedding circuit and adding solo work at assisted living facilities in the area.

He has since retired from teaching but continues to perform solo, with a wedding band and a few favorite lineups. He has recorded in Nashville and has performed with many music notables, including Franny Beecher of Bill Haley and His Comets, Bill Haley Jr., and Danny Seraphine of Chicago.

Celebrate the weekend… We have beer on tap, it will be something special from Sage Alley Brewery, Ten-7 Brewery, Free Will, Blue Print or Moss Mill Brewery. Our Blue Bishop Beer/Wine is BACK this weekend. Hurry, we only have small batches and it sells out quick. What is it? Our Overworked Dry Riesling Wine blended with Blue Print Brewery’s Belgian Ale. It makes some really nice drinking and people are loving it!! Little higher in alcohol, but mellow and smooth.

Our wine assistants are ready to help you find your favorite wine, if you haven’t found it yet! Taste 6 wines for $6.00 and choose from our 17 wines on our menu. Buy a glass or do a flight of three! May I suggest our nice dry Overworked Dry Riesling, a less sweet version of a Riesling, it is a winner with white wine drinkers that like a dryer wine. It is crisp with floral notes, served chilled, it’s a great sipping wine and also pairs nicely with our smokey bacon cheddar cheese or the smokey Gouda cheese from Keystone Farms. For the red wine drinker, may I suggest our Dark Bishop Cabernet this weekend. Dark Bishop is our signature Cabernet Sauvignon wine that has spent 6 months in a Dad’s Hat Rye Whiskey Barrel which gives the wine some really fantastic flavor. You will probably notice some vanilla and the whiskey both coming through, very subtle but beautifully done! Do you like your wine a little sweeter? Sip the El-If-I-Know White Blend, a sweet, delightful wine bursting with wonderful fruitiness, or the Croc My World Red Blend, which is an awesome kind of sweet pinot noir style wine, bolder with some sweetness!

We have our fire pits out, and our bond fire lit if you want to be outside, but we also have our indoor heated charming

gathering area with colorful mood lighting, which is such a unpretentious place to relax and hang out while you sip some wine and listen to good music. We hope it is nice enough to have the garage doors open so all that fun and music can spill over to the outside!

Our tasting room also has some NEW items for sale. Lots of new and fun wine bags and a few beautiful spring items and assorted accessories too!

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