Red Angel Duo will be performing and entertaining from 4 to 8pm Saturday night  April 13th and

Flying Pie Guy will be serving off his food truck from 1 to 8pm!  What a fun time!!

Stop in and do a tasting or just grab your favorite bottle, and relax and enjoy your day!

Games are out, weather permitting and we are ready for the spring weather!

New Release, The Bee Sting is back in stock, our famous Honey Jalapeno wine… which just flew off the shelf,

and we should have our Blue Bishop beer/wine, back on tap!

Tastings 6 wines for $6, off our 18 wine menu. Buy your wine by the glass or flight of three, or by the bottle!

Bring a chair in case we run out of seating, and maybe even some sunscreen, yeah baby!

See you soon we hope!




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