Bishop Cabernet Sauvignon
Our Signature Cabernet Sauvignon just had a new batch finish and a slightly different and amazing Bishop Cabernet is now on the shelf. This Cabernet has been aged with caramel oak and the full- bodied flavor of dark cherries and deep plum notes will flood your senses as the subtle caramel and vanilla nuances emerge and magnify the toasty goodness.
This is worth a visit to our tasting room to sample! Of course, it pairs well with top of the line beef selections, or just sip and savor on its own. This new Bishop Cabernet is a fantastic release that every red wine lover must try. For an out of this world, entertainment worthy recipe using our Cabernet Sauvignon, click here!
Our label, the B is for Bishop, and it is the first of our signature line. All together each of our 6 signature wine labels spell BISHOP. Bishop is the family name, and it is also a chess piece that sits between the Royal King or Queen and the Knight. The Bishop travels the chessboard on the diagonal spaces. We love chess here at Bishop Estate Vineyard and Winery, Kevin especially loves the game. We think wine and chess are an awesome combination!
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